Please don't come around
Please don't come around
Please don't come around
Please don't, please don't
I was hiding too
It's alright (It's alright)
It's alright (It's alright)
If you were 22 forever, would be nice (Would be nice)
Would be nice (Would be nice)
Why you dare to take that way (That way)
I don't understand (I don't understand)
I could name a thousand different reasons you could try (Try)
All your might, I know I'm right[Chorus]
I could feel the change (Feel the change)
The way you sing your song (The way you sing your song)
I could feel the waves (I could feel the waves)
You send from kingdom's sun (You send from kingdom's sun)
I won't come around
Ooh yeah...
I will find myself
And I still love you
And I still love you
I still love you...
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