Waiting for Tomorrow (feat. Mike Shinoda)

Martin Garrix & Pierce Fulton

Remember we were staring up to those peaks on the horizon
I promised I would never stop it
In your name I would climb themThere's nothing I have wanted more
The only one I've been waiting for
So hold your breath and close your eyes
The end is unknown, but still we riseCounting down to the light, through the night
Just waiting for tomorrow
Almost there, almost time
All my life just waiting
It's only one more day
It's only one more day
It's only one more day
It's only one more
Waiting for tomorrowJust waiting for tomorrow
Sleepless nights have paved my way, and this road is finally ending
I've killed for just the chance to be in this place where now I'm standing
The fear is creeping up behind all this courage I'm projecting
I can't find order in my mind with this noise inside so deafeningIt's only one more day
It's only one more dayJust waiting for tomorrow
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