Boiled Peanuts (feat. Lizzo) Song Lyrics & Translation

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Boiled Peanuts (feat. Lizzo) - Astronautalis Lyrics

Lift your legs boy, lift them please
Before you cross them tracks and end up just like me
Don't be headstrong, don't ever be mean
Before you cross them tracks
You better lift them god damned feet
Cause you ain't never gone, never gone, never gone
Never find love
For you'll end up, end up just like me
You ain't never gone, never gone, never gone
Never find love before you cross them track
You better lift them god-damned feet
I was getting dragged out the back of the club
Cuz gats waving
Back then Hendricks Ave was downright dangerous
Naiveté made me downright brainless
So, I'd battle some old gangsters
And embarrass them in front of their neighbors
So he get pissed, cause I dissed too damn hard
Served by this white dork, yeah that's too damn cold
So, he straight flipped, dipped out to his car
To pop the trunk on this young punk like "coup d'etat"
Shout out to Willie Ev, Mark Lynn, and Tim Hall
And everyone in Jack Rabbits that had street smarts
Cause I was so dumb I couldn't tell what's wrong
Oh, you mad bro cause just can't rap this strong?
Duval gave me all the fuckin' slang I need
Ian Ranne payed me 8Ball & MJG
Nathan Antolik straight repped for me
When all them other rap dorks stayed clownin' on a G
DJ Blue mixed tapes and Lord Finesse
Raised on bass and on a worn slick deck
Learned my slang right down the block
From where Rick Ross claimed that he pitched them rocks
He went to Silver Fox for strippers
I'm at Sheik for lunchFuckin bumpin King Tee's "Dippin" in my old pickup
Man, I never wrote a written for 3 years plus
But was freestyling the very second they stopped the bus
All my homies in the hallways of Douglas Anderson
Batting each other all day any chance we get
It was there I learned my sharp slang and my razor wit
With fuckin' Willis Billips on that beat box kid!
Shout out to fuckin' Adam, the Mayor of Jacksonville
Getting money since he whipped his first Caddy wheel
The prince of Mayport got that flip-flop tan that's so damn real
Rest in peace to Pablo 9 and our fucking Village Inn!Embed

Boiled Peanuts (feat. Lizzo) lyrics !!!