Choctaw County Affair Song Lyrics & Translation

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Choctaw County Affair - Carrie Underwood Lyrics

Well life's been kinda trippy down here in Mississippi
Since Cassie O'Grady disappeared
And me and Bobby Shaver, been in all the newspapers
Every day for now on a year.
They say we got tangled in a love triangle,
A fatal game of truth or dare...
But the truth remains a mystery and now it's ancient history
It's a Choctaw County Affair.
It's just a Choctaw County Affair (Choctaw County Affair)
Oh people talkin' 'bout it everywhere (Choctaw County Affair)Well, Cassie O'Grady was no Southern 'lady',
Despite all the media hype.
They all loved to make her out like a 'sweet, little, devout,
all-American, cheerleader' type.
But her mum was Ketty Warper,
she was greedy, she was pompous,
strutting 'round with her nose in the air...
She was a cold, gold-digger,
tickle in her hand-shaker
It's a Choctaw County AffairIt's just a Choctaw County Affair (Choctaw County Affair),
And now they say she's lyin' dead somewhere (Choctaw County Affair)
Well I do not deny, I wished Cassie would die
When she threatened us with blackmail.
She said she had some information
that would wreck my reputation,
and land Bobby back in jail.
Now, it's best to remember Bobby Shaver's got a temper,
like a buck-shot Grizzly bear...
But there's no body, there's no witness,
so y'all go mind your business.
It's a Choctaw County Affair.It's just a Choctaw County Affair (Choctaw County Affair)
Oh, you mess with Bobby and you better beware! (Choctaw County Affair)
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah.Well the press went wild on the day of the trial,
when they put us on the witness stand.
They thought we'd turn on each other,
but soon they all discovered
we were live-or-die, hand-in-hand.
And that fancy DA from down Jackson way
Said he'd see us in the electric chair...
Ha! But the foreman of the jury
told me "Honey, don't you worry,
It's a Choctaw County Affair." Yeah.
(Choctaw County Affair) Hey yeah it's just a Choctaw County Affair, yeah, yeah, yeah!
(Choctaw County Affair) How would you know 'cause you weren't there.
Yeah it's just a Choctaw County Affair (Choctaw County Affair)
Mmm, yeah.
(Choctaw County Affair)
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