Searching (feat. Luther Vandross) Song Lyrics & Translation

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Searching (feat. Luther Vandross) - Change Lyrics

Hit the town in the cold of the night
Looking round for the
warmth of the light
There was fog all around
So I guess no one saw me arriving
I was tired and awake for some time
Then my lights hit a welcoming sign
It said if you're alone
You can make this your home
If you want to
Searchin, Searchin (For so long)
Searchin (Searchin)
Searchin, Searchin (I
just wanted to dance)
Stepped outta the night
It was brighter inside
Someone come and asked me my name
Taken back by surprise
What I saw with my eyes
A girl in a love's disguise
She said stop! stop! stop!
Get out your heart
Haven't got a lot
But play the part
Mister stop! stop! stop!
What I've got's hot stuff
The night is ours
Coffee glass that had
fell from my hand
Like a child couldn't
quite understand
What was I doin there
Far away from nowhere
On my own
I was tired and awake for some time
Just the light playing
tricks with my mind
Was she there in a crowd
Was the music too loud
Was I dreaming
Searchin, Searchin (For so long)
Searchin (I dont want
romance I just want my
chance searchin)
Searchin, Searchin (Yeah)
Just came by here by chance
Only wanted to dance,
No news, no her, no, no, no one
Taken back by surprise
What's in front of my eyes
This girl in a love's disguise
(Repeat Chorus)
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Searching (feat. Luther Vandross) lyrics !!!