The Library (Intro) Song Lyrics & Translation

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The Library (Intro) - Childish Gambino Lyrics

(Say! Hit it! Goddamn! Hit it! Goddamn! Hit it! Goddamn! Say! Lord! Hit it! Goddamn! Damnitt! Hit it! Goddamn! Watch it! Hit it!)When, when, when.When we were, Kinda thing, Betcha cry, All alone(x4)(Who am I?)Reck league I ainit payin to ball
Ya'll be string like a broke guitar
An he still put it down like the family dog
Yeah!I murder some
Murder one
Explain it all
We ain't gotta sing the same old love song
Cut a white girl with the same black gloves on
Yeah what you sayin to it
Old money look, no money don't do it
Like I turn around an they lain like a uie
An I'm only lookin back if I'm lookin at her booty
(At her booty)
What's the rational?
They wanna smoke niggas when they Black&Mild
So we act it out(Okay cool)When we were, Kinda thing, Betcha cry, All alone(x4)Blue dream, By the bouquet, Tell em' blue face, On a tuesday
Can I have some?
Put a plus 18 on a evite
An I said what I felt, no rewrite
Nah, nah they cant hold me
June July, drop somethin
I double dare you
I mark somethin
I scorch winners I burn
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