When I Want Song Lyrics & Translation

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When I Want - French Montana Lyrics

I got kush from California
I got bricks from Arizona
Hundred whips and they be foreign
Bad bitch from Taiwan
I'm blowing stacks
I hit the dealer
I blow it back
And I blow a mil
We popping bottles
Them bitches swallow
That coupe a mil
Them digits bottle
I just got a whole brick from Papi
About to hit the stove, get it popping
None of my niggas moving sloppy
I said, meet me on the ave, nigga, copy?
Bitch, mind your business
Them foreign cars, we in 'em
That blood money, we spend it
It got my partner a life sentence
Got me smoking on that OG
That granddaddy my granddaddy
That purp and yellow like Kobe
All the drug dealers, they know me
I be rolling up with Snoop Dogg
On that drank with Kendrick
Ripping off my roof, dog
Juicy J, they trippin'
Whip it hard, 'til my wrist hurt
Got a hundred large on my wrist work
Them niggas crying all day
We popping bottles all day
You see them leave all day
Them bitches slide all day
We counting money all day
I'm talking mils all day
We popping bottles all day
That shit for real all day
And I got white gold, got yellow gold
Got red gold on my neck
Now I got white hoes, got redbone
Got yellowbone on my dick
Now that paper rain ten k
And I ain't talking about ten karats
I been counting money 'bout ten days
My wrist and chains and houses
I done stuffed up that shoebox
I can't find my sneakers
Money six-five, my bitch high
And am I a weekend
Man, them niggas choked, that wind broke
And they beyond that hope
Hundred G's of that OG
When you talking 'bout that smoke
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