Take Away (featuring Ginuwine) (LP Version) Song Lyrics & Translation

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Take Away (featuring Ginuwine) (LP Version) - Missy Elliott Lyrics

All day (all day), everyday (everyday)
We was on that block until we made a way
Day to day, man that's the only way
They gon' know my name until it fade away
Fade away, fade away
They gon' know my name until it fade away(Way, way, way), fade away
They gon' know my name until it fade away
I been there, I done that, done that, this rap shit I run that
Motherfucker this far from a comeback, if one of us fall then we run back
Can't let that social worker just snatch up my kid, gotta get my son back
Cause when they coming through that system don't give a fuck about you
Everybody gonna die, gonna go one day, maybe it'll happen on a Monday
Drop into work and get hit by a Hyundai, fuck it, let it all go one day
I know, I'mma get it like this, living that life while they all reminisce
Never regretted, the second I said it I feel like I'm smarter, I read it on Reddit
You're fucking pathetic, my etiquette murder ya predicate, bitch I'm ahead of it, yeah
Yes I'mma die but I don't wonder why in the hell I'mma ride in the dead of it yeah
I know, know, life on Earth is so unpredictable
Okay-kay, hold up let me say yes I fade away
Fade away, fade away
They gon' know my name until it fade away(Way, way, way), fade away
They gon' know my name until it fade away
Tell me what I wouldn't wanna give for a life like this, arm and a leg quite like this
Fuck around wanna fight like this, take a hike like this
So I might just, might just, I don't know
Reinvention, that's my intention, want so much more than this third-dimension
That's not to mention my true ascension is a bigger picture - no metaphor
I'm being real with ya but it will hit ya like, "goddamn!"
Going HAM, full of all of them in a spaceship, I'm in another system
So futuristic, on another mission but back on Earth everybody bitchin', I been in the kitchen
Livin' my life - no inhibition, life to death with no intermission
Now the good book said we all the same, and we kill each other but it's all in vain
And we all to blame, can't see the picture when inside the frame
Real talk, I wanna grip the grain and just ride with ya, build a family then die richer
When ya get to heaven I'mma come and get ya
Sit back and really get the picture
This life, yeah, it done ate away, hard times never stayed away
But one thing I know day to day, I'mma do somethin' 'fore I fade awayFade away, fade away
They gon' know my name until it fade away
(Way, way, way), fade away
They gon' know my name until it fade awayTHOMAS: Get the upgrade?KAI: Nah, man. It's the same shit with a different title!
THALIA: That's not true, Kai
KAI: What the fuck?!
THOMAS: Yeah, man. They didn't just upgrade features, they enhanced her AI
KAI: So she can actually hold a conversation?
Thomas: Yeah. Ask her yourself
KAI: Uhh, what am I thinking, Thalia?
THALIA: Kai, I'm a program in the ship's interface, not a psychic
KAI: Damn, girl!
Thomas: Yeah, that's another thing now. She's unisex
KAI: What?!
THOMAS: Thalia, integrate Y chromosome feature
THALIA: Sure thing, Thomas. Would you like a standard accent or something a little more exotic?
KAI: Holy shit!
THOMAS: Told you, man. The upgrade's crazy. Thalia, revert last command and run simulation
THALIA: Running simulation
KAI: Man, what the hell is that?
THOMAS: Well, you can pick anyone in history, and based off a collection of data, it allows you to personally speak with them
KAI: Anybody?
Thomas: Anybody
KAI: Thalia, do Big Sean
THOMAS: Alright, let me get this straight. You can speak with anyone in recorded history, like Jesus, Steve Jobs, Einstein, and you pick Big Sean?
KAI: Man, fuck yeah! That's my dog!
THOMAS: *Laughs* Okay. Thalia, simulate Big Sean
BIG SEAN: What up Kai, you lil' bitch?
KAI: Yeah, I'ma have to upgrade my shit

Take Away (featuring Ginuwine) (LP Version) lyrics !!!