Kingpin (feat. Big Sean) Song Lyrics & Translation

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Kingpin (feat. Big Sean) - RL Grime Lyrics

I live the life of a kingpin
I put my whole team up on that king shit
Counting foreign money, bitch, I scream rich
I'm with foreign girls who don't speak EnglishKingpin, living like a kingpin
Eating like a kingpin, mobbing like a kingpin
I put my whole team up on that king shit
And she just love to do it for the kingpinShoutout to my fucking set
I'm working till we fucking set
I take her to the crib, record a movie
On the bed, yeah, that's the fucking set
We alone for five minutes, she a liar
If she says "we ain't fucking yet"
I'm up her X, she love the boy, I love respect
She hug the boy, I hug myself, I love myself
And I'mma get fucked up
Till they carry me outside
Only way you stopping me is if you gon' shoot me down
Or bury me alive
Nigga, we did it, we did it, WeDidIt
We gon' do what we do for the night
Then tomorrow, fuck her, I'll come back and relive it
Look me in my fucking eyes
If you playing, bitch, you better stop
Every morning I wake up to God
And realise that this shit is all that I got
You either ball or you watch
You either robbing the bank or you calling the cops
You either own a cruiser or own a yacht
You either live or you're living to die
Me, I be making it work
I grind for everything I've got, bitch, I made it at work
And she grabbing for the bottle but I'm taking it first
Cause I already got a headache and you making it worse
Yeah, young nigga stressed out and hair pressed out
She gotta have some chest, I don't try to test out
I made status quo, finna hand the rest out
That's enough for a mansion and a fucking guest house
Oh shit, I feel the jealousy
High off weed and amphetamines
Still walking down yelling "Finally Famous over everything"
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