The 2015 Rap Song Lyrics & Translation

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The 2015 Rap - Thecomputernerd01 Lyrics

So, the other day, I was talking to my friend about what he was wearing and I was like hunty that is not cuteIt's 2015 grab a pancake eat it with your boys
When class gets boring, throw a pancake, stand up make some noise
Roller backpacks squad we crusin and we rollin deep
It's 2015
Year of the sheep
When class gets boring, Breezy makes me pancakes, he's my doctor
Still gettin pushed in lockers
Gave a speech in my boxers
I'm selling milk for the cheapest price around town
Gonna use the money to buy Tyler a crown
Mayo and nutella are my life
Are we still doin that?
Nicki Minaj, she is my mom
I may have ebola, so please stay calm
Floral shirts, skinny jeans
Sour watermelons in the vending machines
Year of the beast coast-sus boys, screaming
What's up what's up what's up what's up pancake boys
Now it's 2015
Me, Chomik, and Ty sippin on that bean
You know I'm famous in Japan
Furry rabbit clan
Brand new year and it's gonna be grand
Maybe I'll collab with Kenny or Mannn
Or eat a pancake with my bare hand
You know I'm all about the pancakes
4gbaf is on a rampage
Year of the sheep, mayo and the jeep
Nolan sitting on my back like a creep
Maple syrup on my face
Hittin haters with some mace
Crown emoji, crown emoji
Bought myself a nice big hogie
Haters makin me look bad but yo I just learned how to add
Eyebrows on fleek, and I don't even reek
This is my favorite week cause I just changed my name to Dominique
Oh baby, 2015 is my favorite number
Never leaving my house without my cucumber
I'm a pretty neat dude except I still got pizza on my shirt
Went into the bathroom and I walked out in a brand new skirt
I'm your dad. Get wit it.
Peanut butter jelly sandwich, split it.
I don't care what Joey say, he just mad I got a bae
I'm eating at Chick Fil-A
Slay, yas yas, slay hunty, werk, 2015, year of the crown emoji, yas
Got thrown into a locker but I still don't give a chapstick
I'm not even mad I'm glad I'm mad popular
2 plus 15 equals 17 in most countries
What did I bring to school today?
A bag of munchies
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